What Is depression..?

Sometimes we toss the word Depression around loosely; for example, if we’ve had a bad day we say we’re depressed or the sun isn’t out so it’s depressing or maybe we didn’t get that promotion at work so now we feel depressed. When used in that context it may be a temporary decline in mood, but is not true depression. In order to be clinically diagnosed with depression, one must have experienced both physiological and psychological symptoms for a 2 week period. Categorized as a mood disorder the impact extends far beyond.

Some Statistics:

*Depression affects one in eight Canadians at some point in their lives. *It can affect anyone and does not discriminate. *Women are diagnosed twice as often as men but having said this, men may be under-reported as they tend not to seek help as readily as women. *6.5% of Canadian youth between 15 and 24 will experience major depression each year. *7% of seniors will exhibit symptoms of depression. *People who use substances may, in fact, be engaging in substance abuse to mask depression. Early detection and treatment can go along way in helping someone live a healthy productive life while living with depression.

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