In order for a therapeutic relationship to occur between an individual and their coach, there have to be some key factors that aid in the process. 

First and foremost unconditional positive regard and congruence.

As a Coach when working with individuals with OCD, the Obsessions are often very bothersome to the individual and embarrassing.  I find the information is not always readily provided to me, so sometimes I have to reach out and ask what may seem like absurd questions to some, but those living with OCD often get it!! It is essential that the coach must be open and empathetic when learning about the different types of Obsessions and Compulsions one has. 

During the coaching sessions, we may have to course-correct, modify or adapt to different approaches depending on how the person is responding to their particular needs and ability to challenge what it is they are working on.  Ultimately the goal of the alliance is to encourage the person to face and challenge their OCD over time.  

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