During Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT)

We must learn to challenge our irrational thoughts by investigating what those thoughts are composed of, and how they relate to our fears.

When it comes to our behaviour related to those thoughts, this requires more intense exposure time. This exposure must be gradual and purposeful for the thoughts, feelings, situations, urges and sensations involved.

It may be very difficult to comprehend, but time and time again one needs to be reminded that they will eventually be able to tolerate any experience without doing a compulsion or avoidance behaviour.

The thought-action fusion stands behind a lot of why we do the compulsions.

By merely having the thought in our mind which is the obsession, we automatically conclude that we will follow through with the action.

This results in a highly inflated sense of responsibility which often evokes shame and guilt. As a result of those feelings, we feel compelled to do everything possible to prevent any misfortune from occurring not only to ourselves but to others.

Hence, you can appreciate how performances evolve; counters count; checkers check; washers wash; prayerful people pray; hit-and-run OCD’ers run back to check and so on.

We living with OCD, don’t only have the thoughts, but we OWN our thoughts.

It’s time we relinquish ownership of those thoughts and move forward.

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