Depression Has Many Factors

We all have had times when we go through peaks and valleys in life. When it becomes challenging to cope, and affects us both physically and mentally, it may be depression. Not everyone realizes when they are going through depression. Depression is a very real illness, and if not treated can result in one having suicidal ideations and one may feel the only solution is ending their life.

Symptoms to monitor for are as follows:

Loss of interest in what previously was pleasurable.

Sleeping less or more

No energy or tired all the time

Feelings of guilt, helpless or hopeless

Weight fluctuations

Suicidal thoughts

Unable to concentrate

Difficulty making everyday decision

According to Statistics Canada’s 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey on Mental Health, 5.4%of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over reported symptoms that met the criteria for a mood disorder in the previous 12 months, including 4.7% for major depression.

It is important if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal that they reach out to a Professional and if not, you as their support can reach out by calling 911 or the suicide crisis line available 24 hours 7 days a week, at 1-833-456-4566. Do not suffer in silence there is help out there, please reach out.

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