Breaking The Cycle of OCD - 1

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Taking steps towards sanity

Where did we leave it last time?

Ah! I got my diagnosis. Yes.

Let's continue...

I had no idea my diagnoses that gave a name to my inner demons would be so freeing. It embarked me on the long journey ahead of me.

Once I had access to the appropriate professional help, I realized how fortunate and blessed I was to have Dr. Rowan, my doctor. An expert in the field of OCD, Dr. Rowan has trained with many of the pioneers, best-selling authors and experts of OCD literature. I knew immediately, I was in the best hands possible. Before finding this doctor I visited many medical clinics and the only thing consistent throughout the visits was the fact that each Doctor recognized I needed help but wasn’t able to put a name to it nor were they able to recommend where that help may be found?

At the beginning of the treatment, I was directed to make a list of ‘all things gross’ – everything that triggered my OCD. I then rated my anxiety related to each of those items on a scale of 0 to 10. This scale is called SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale). I also had to indicate the rationale for my obsessions along with the compulsions about each item.

Once my list, which was composed of several pages was complete, I had to then start by choosing the least anxiety-provoking scenario on the list and challenge my thoughts and actions towards that scenario. I designed a program that worked for me – a personalized plan to make myself uncomfortable. The key component in designing a program is one that will work for each individual the intent is to start gradually and be able to overcome your OCD overtime and not set one up for failure by taking on too much too quickly and as a result not being able to succeed at therapy.

Although there is several types of Therapy, the type that was effective for me personally was Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) within that form of therapy is an evidence-based practice called exposure and response prevention known as ERP **

These are the therapies I often talk about during my sessions as a coach now. In my next blog, I will shine more light on this process and how I challenged myself to be uncomfortable.

Stay tuned!

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