The second half of ERP response prevention is the part where one must make a conscious choice NOT to perform a Compulsion/Ritual.

This can be extremely difficult depending on a variety of factors:

1. Usually, the obsession produces so much stress and makes one feel extremely uncomfortable. The anxiety is so prevalent that the only way to neutralize or decrease the feelings of anxiety is to perform a compulsion/ritual.

2. To see results, one must refrain from any behaviour that will reduce anxiety.

3. Often the urges to perform a compulsion/ritual are so great that one cannot tolerate otherwise, and therefore gives in to it.

4. Individuals often can’t tolerate the physical and or psychological feelings associated with the obsession.

5. There is this false sense of security or reassurance that it will get better despite giving into the rituals when in fact research has indicated the opposite and that obsessions and compulsions will continue and increase over time.

During your ERP if you are not feeling uncomfortable to some extent it’s highly likely that you are not doing the response prevention piece.

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