BLOG II- why CBT is considered superior to all other types of therapy”

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Last blog we Briefly mentioned What CBT is.

Getting back to where I left off where if one can realize it is just thought it’s important at that point to leave it there and not automatically assume the thought makes it real !!

Not unlike many of us living without OCD sometimes we say to ourselves “that was a funny thought where did that thought come from?” and we leave it and let it go. People living with OCD analyze, it breaks it down, makes assumptions, feels guilt as to having that thought and need to be able to justify as to why instead of just letting it go.

CBT is a very crucial part of one’s recovery process of letting the Thoughts go.

Research has shown Cognitive Behaviour Therapy alters brain activity similar to those brought on by medication treatment.

The decision to do CBT Solo or in addition to medication is a personal decision between the individual and their professional therapist. Medication often can help take the edge off the anxiety while doing CBT. Regardless of the decision, CBT needs to be ongoing and will require daily practice and motivation.

Initially, it can be very anxiety-provoking, scary and overwhelming but in the long run, the rewards outweigh our fears.OCD symptoms decrease gradually and as a result, so does our anxiety.

The principal behavioural techniques for treating OCD is referred to as Exposure Response Prevention [ERP].

Next, we will get into the action steps of what that involves.

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