People often view agoraphobia as being afraid to leave home when in actual fact it is not.

Agoraphobia is the anxiety around possible situations in which a panic attack may occur. People often will avoid places, events, or individuals that they perceive escaping from would be difficult or embarrassing.

The individual often feels a sense of helplessness and embarrassment, thinking that they may have a panic attack and fear overrides their ability to think rationally.

Can you think of the many places that someone may avoid to prevent this from occurring? There are many different places, shopping malls, getting on a transit bus, taking a plane, going to a concert, busy restaurants during prime time, to name a few.

There is a promising therapy that helps one overcome agoraphobia.

CBT can have a huge impact on helping individuals identify their emotions and behaviors.

Over time one is able to face and challenge their fears without feeling the need to escape.

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