Our story

In early 1994, Sandra met a beautiful 27-year-old woman. She was perfect in every way. Friendly, happy and warm. Under the surface, however, lived a fragile young girl scared to come into light. Her reflections came out in the form of dry, flushed hands. The otherwise, confident young 27-year old damsel felt the daunting urge to wash off the ‘contact’ with everything. Her soul was crippled with manacles forcing her to hide away and not talk about it.


She always appeared happy and positive around others. 

She almost had it all together. 


Deep inside, she was tormented, haunted by the voices in her head feeding her fears of contacting a deadly sickness and making others sick. Those thoughts and images in her head dominated her mind until she refused to stay at home and hide away. She refused to fuel more power to OCD. 


“The only way out of fear is through it.”


And at that moment, everything changed. 
This damsel in distress wasn’t looking for a prince, she was looking for a sword to be her very own hero. 
She decided to face her fears – to make herself uncomfortable. She decided to not give in to her tears and pain and her desire to go back and hide away in her perfectly sanitized bedroom.


Years later, she became a beacon of hope for hundreds of people suffering from OCD, Anxiety and Depression. This is the story of Sandra – our founder and visionary.


At Sandra Wallace Inc., we help people live their lives with the pulsating energy and the vigour it truly deserves.


To know more, drop us a word at info@theocdcoach.com​ and we'll get in touch.