With my 26 years of both professional and personal coaching, you will be able to

  • Help you unlearn your unwanted reactions to OCD

  • Understand what OCD is

  • Learn to challenge your OCD and refrain from doing compulsions

  • Help break down the thoughts feelings and reactions to one's OCD

  • Learn how to identify your OCD triggers

  • View new ways of looking at your OCD

  • Apply a new way of thinking and responding in real-life scenarios as you go along

  • Learn coping techniques to help alleviate the anxiety

  • Learn new ways of looking at your OCD

  • With time and implementation be able to reprogram your mindset

  • Live a life that MATTERS

Mina, Pharmacy Manager

Sandra’s way of teaching and delivering the message is really attractive. She uses all the possible tools to do it - videos, leaflets, and references. The classroom is not just another boring 8 hours of listening. She gets everybody in the class to share in - playing games that facilitate understanding and an enriched learning experience. With Sandra, you forget looking at your watch waiting for the class hours to pass. The time glides away smoothly before you can notice. Sandra’s voice modulations eliminate any chance of monotony while drawing attention. She is just so very positive, always smiling, brings pulsating energy to each class leaving her audience enthralled. 

Dr. Roger Graham M.D.

FRCPC Psychiatry

As an inpatient psychiatrist, I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Wallace in a variety of clinical settings including acute care and psychiatric rehabilitation. She has demonstrated a dedication to prioritizing the patient’s needs and applying her professional knowledge and skills. Her gentle temperament is an attribute that does not go unnoticed. Her clinical teaching skills with students are highly respected. It is a pleasure to continue working with her. 


Healthcare professional

I have been teaching along with Sandra for over 6 years. She's not only an amazing teacher but an amazing mentor to her co-facilitators. Sandra speaks from the heart and isn't afraid of using personal experiences to vamp up the learning experience for her students. 

Sandra is very professional, yet personable. She understands the importance of adult learning and how it requires a lot of flexibility and preparation. She can go with the flow and change up her curriculum when need be. I always look forward to when I get to teach with Sandra.